“I know what to do. I’m just not doing it.”

~ Most humans

The solution is crazy-simple.

You just need accountability! 

Research shows that regular check-ins with an accountability partner can increase your chance of success by up to 95%. That’s HUGE.

(BTW, your bestie or spouse rarely makes effective accountability partners. It’s a bummer, but helpful to know.)

It can feel frustrating, but living the life you want requires support. Instead of questioning why or struggling against human nature, why not lean into it?

You’ll finally be able to reach that goal or build that habit you’ve been thinking about for ages.

So where does one find an accountability partner?

Hey, girl, hey! 

I’m Christine Lynn.

✔ Accountability coach.

✔ Dog mama.

✔ Book nerd.

✔ Novice gardener.

✔ Strawberry shortcake lover. (The food, not the character–though I have nothing against her.)

Christine Lynn, Accountability Coach

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What Do You Want To Accomplish?

Whether it’s a short–term goal or creating a life-long habit, I’m here to support you! 

Ready to see how much your life can transform in just 8 weeks?

Here’s How It Works:

What Will You Get Out Of Accountability Coaching?

Light bulb line drawing symbolizing strategy support included in accountability coaching


Together, we will create an action plan that includes how to handle the inevitable bumps in the road so you keep making progress.

Pinky promise drawing symbolizing support support included in accountability coaching


I'm here to encourage you, celebrate wins with you, and help you through the tough moments.


I'll coach you through how to transform your thoughts so that they serve you better and reduce any resistance you experience.

Target and arrow line drawing symbolizing strategy fulfillment that occurs with accountability coaching


Along with the benefits of making progress toward your goals, you'll experience the fulfillment that comes from leading a more intentional life!

The 8-Week Accountability Program Includes:

Total investment = $449, divided into 2 payments of $224.50 each

I’m in!

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If you’re not sure if accountability coaching is right for you, book a free 15-minute call so we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions you have.

Here’s the thing:

Humans cannot sustain actions through negativity for long periods. Taking action with positivity, encouragement, and support becomes addictive and sustainable.

My accountability coaching method does not require justifications or include “tough love” or negative consequences.

We will always celebrate your efforts and figure out new methods if what you’re trying isn’t working. 

You can certainly try, but it’s rare for this to work. The people closest to us are unlikely to hold us accountable in an effective way. Also, you may not view them as an external source of accountability, which is necessary for an accountability system to work. 

Absolutely. We take things in 8-week periods because it helps with goal clarity and prioritization. As soon as you’re done with your 8-week program, you’re welcome to sign up for another to continue with the same goal/habit or to work on a different one.  

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