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How to Romanticize the Summer as an Introvert

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Truthfully, I prefer fall or spring. Those are the times of year I feel most alive. But!🍑 There are certainly some things that are best enjoyed in the summer that I don’t want to miss out on. So let’s look at a big ol’ list of how to romanticize the summer–specifically if you’re an introvert like me who doesn’t want to do too much people-ing. 

Don’t worry if you have no clue what it means to romanticize your life. We’ll cover that first. 😉

What does it mean when you romanticize your life?

This is a newer, trending topic. Unlike pretty much all other trends, I am 100% on board! Romanticizing your life is all about looking for and creating beauty in everyday life—especially the little things.

We’re talking mindfulness, gratitude, playfulness, and making the mundane special. Y’all, that’s my jam!

I love thinking about this as a seasonal topic because there are special activities that are best done at a certain part of the year. I’m always sad when a season ends and I haven’t done some of those special activities. Thinking about how to romanticize the summer is helping me be more intentional about how I spend my time. 

Again, we’re not talking about anything expensive. Romanticizing your life can be done on a budget. We’re looking for ways to elevate everyday life with beauty and intention

How is romanticizing your life this summer different for introverts?

Introverts gain energy by being alone and expend energy around people. Extroverts function in the opposite way. 

This does not necessarily mean that introverts won’t enjoy activities with lots of people. I am an extreme introvert and still like to go to the farmer’s market and festivals. It’s fun! 

But I also know that I will be exhausted after all of that sensory stimulation. So I choose the “people-y” events I go to carefully and balance them with a whole lot of “non-people-y” events. 

To romanticize the summer if you’re an introvert, be picky about the extrovert-oriented activities you do and make lots of space for activities you can do alone or with one close friend.  

30 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Summer as an Introvert

  1. Drink your morning coffee outside without your phone. 
  2. Plant a garden. Even one or two pots of veggies or flowers are enjoyable. 🪴
  3. Wear your cutest summer dress.
  4. Go on a hike. Make a point of looking for things you’ve never seen before. 
  5. Take a nap in the sun. 
  6. Decorate your table for summer. 
  7. Follow a watercolor painting tutorial. 
  8. Lay by the pool with a fancy dranky-drank. 🍹
  9. Have a picnic in your own yard or at a local park. 
  10. Read a summer-y book.
  11. Fly a kite.
  12. Lay in a hammock.  
  13. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and put them in little vases all over the house. 💐
  14. Watch a thunderstorm from inside your garage or under a covered porch. 
  15. Wear a new perfume.
  16. Spend a day at the beach. 🏖️
  17. Journal about favorite past summer memories. 
  18. Eat watermelon at every possible opportunity.
  19. Take an early morning walk. 
  20. Ride your bike to an ice cream shop. 
  21. Make fresh lemonade with real lemons. 
  22. Do yoga outdoors. 
  23. Wear a big sunhat.
  24. Roast marshmallows over a campfire. 
  25. Visit a botanical garden. 🦋
  26. Do your own summer-themed photoshoot. 
  27. Eat local, fresh fruit.  
  28. Spend a day doing touristy things in your town. 
  29. Put on temporary tattoos. 
  30. Have an outdoor movie night. 

Romanticize the Summer: Free Bingo Card 

I love finding ways to bring more fun and whimsy to my life. So why not “gamify” your summer with bingo?

I’ve got a summer bingo card for you! Print it and stick it to the fridge. Try to get bingo before the end of summer! Tag me on Instagram so I can watch your progress!

👉 Leave a comment and let me know what you would add to this list of ways to romanticize the summer for introverts! 

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