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How Can Entrepreneurs Increase Productivity? 4 Steps to Make It Happen

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I’m not great at math, but this is a pretty simple equation:

When you can get more done in less time, you can earn more money while working fewer hours.

This means more time for projects that ignite your passions, more energy to connect deeper with your favorite people, and more money to give you options where you didn’t have them before. Win-win-win. 

But HOW? How can entrepreneurs increase productivity? There are four areas to consider when it comes to efficiency:

1. Ruthless Prioritization

Productivity doesn’t mean doing all the things and cramming each day as full as possible. It’s the opposite.

It means only doing the tasks that will move the needle towards your goal and letting less important things go. I know, I know, it all seems 100% important, but I promise you that it’s not.

Ruthless prioritization starts with setting one ultra-clear goal (usually an income goal).

From there, you can figure out which tasks will help you make progress towards that goal and fully capitalize on what’s working. If you’re spending energy on a Facebook group that has gotten you zero clients, it gots to go.

2. Pro-Level Time Management Skills 

You likely wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if you didn’t already possess decent time management skills, but it’s time to level up.

This means:

  • Batching tasks like content creation (if this hasn’t worked for you in the past, you were probably missing an important step).
  • Elimination distractions and building your “focus muscle”. 
  • Creating a schedule that works with your natural energy rhythms. 
  • Systems creation and automation. 
  • Delegating (very scary for us perfectionist-control-freaks). 

3. High-Performance Mindset 

We take action (or don’t) based on the thoughts that we are thinking, so there can’t be lasting change without mindset work. This means becoming aware of your thoughts when they aren’t serving you and practicing an intentional thought that will cause you to git ‘er done.

I teach my 1:1 coaching clients a powerful morning journaling exercise called Productive Thoughts Journaling which is a game-changer for their productivity. 

4. CEO Self Care 

You likely created your business, in part, to gain more freedom in your life. But now you’re checking your email and Instagram accounts multiple times every evening and weekend. But to be productive, you need less phone time and more fun time.

When you set boundaries for your work, you allow space for adventure, relaxation, and deeper connection with your favorite people.

This, in turn, changes the energy you bring to your work in a magical way. You will sit down to work with a lightness and a playfulness that you might be lacking right now. 

In a Nutshell…  

Most entrepreneurs want to focus solely on time management skills and avoid the other 3 steps to powerful productivity, but this isn’t an a la carte situation. You won’t get the same results if you ignore part of the process.

Take a look back through all four steps and identify which could use some attention. The end result is always worth the effort! THIS is how entrepreneurs increase productivity, my friend.

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